panoramic x ray system

panoramic x ray system Point 200 HD

The panoramic x ray system Point 200 HD is an economic with high quality device, also panoramic xray is a user-friendly device with clear panoramic image suitable for dentist

Panoramic x ray

Panoramic xray point 200 HD Features

Adoption smart HD Sensor

Easily shown clear and high quality image when the luminous body absorbed X-ray, the each cell converts Electronic signal without any spread and overlap

Panoramic xray

Excellent rate X-ray absorption

CCD CMOS absorbs 35% of X-ray, so it is needed more X-ray. However Smart sensor absorbs 100% of X-ray, and it is shown high quality Image with lower X-ray dosage

panoramic xray

 High Definition image

Provides more clear image by smart sensor which is applying new technology

More Easy to do a Patient Positioning

Patient positioning is assisted by cross positioner system which accurately indicates the correct anatomical positioning points

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